Zhizhong galnash
Daria Kopiec



Zhizhong galnash is a name of a documentary theatre action. The performance staged in the space of Teatr Powszechy is a continuation of the theatrical encounter of the Chechen Andayev family and the director. The first edition was focused on the broadly understood hospitality. Guestes-viewers were invited to the flat/stage of the Andayev family to meet over a traditional Chechen meal called Zhizhong galnash.

The idea of the meeting has been the leitmotif of the project from the very beginning. This time, Teatr Powszechny will be hosting the seven-member family in its premises. Sitting at a common table and over a Chechen meal, the audience will once again have the chance to listen to the autobiographical stories of the family.

Over half a year has passed since the first presentation. Much has changed since then, and other subjects have become important. For that reason, the plot has been expanded to include other motifs. One of them is the attempt at reopening the Sintar Centre run by the Issa Aayev Sintar Foundation and the Institute of the Caucasus Nations which associates the Chechen ethnical minority, among others. As Luiza Andayev says: we have to hurry as it soon will be too late and the young Chechens will not know their roots. There is a saying in the Chechen culture that God sends his blessing though a guest, and that for guests the doors are always open. Let us listen to their stories. Do come in!

The performance is the result of the work of the participants of the Master Class under the guidance of Paweł Łysak at the Department of Theatre Direction of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw.


Art and Society Festival Happy City.



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