Lola Arias
running time
100 min
scena duża




written and directed by - Lola Arias

cast - Lou Armour, David Jackson, Gabriel Sagastume, Ruben Otero, Sukrim Rai, Marcelo Vallejo

research and production - Sofia Medici, Luz Algranti

set designer - Mariana Tirantte

music composer - Ulises Conti

light designer/technical direction - David Seldes

video designer - Martin Borini

sound engineer - Roberto Pellegrino/ Ernesto Fara

director's assistant - Erika Teichert/ Agustina Barzola

technical assistant - Imanol López

production assistant - Lucila Piffer, Melisa Santoro

UK assistant - Kate O’Connor

costumes - Andrea Piffer

UK producers for LIFT - Erica Campayne, Carolyn Forsyth, Matt Burman

associate producer - Gema Films


MINEFIELD is a project that brings together Argentine and English veterans of the Falklands War to explore what was left in their heads thirty-five years later.

In a film set turned into a time machine the ones who fought are teleported into the past to reconstruct their war and aftermath memories. Lou Armour was on the cover of every newspaper when the Argentines took him prisoner on April 2nd and is now a special needs teacher. Rubén Otero survived the sinking of ARA General Belgrano and has now a Beatles tribute band. David Jackson spent his time at war listening and transcribing radio codes and now listens to other veterans in his psychology practice. Gabriel Sagastume was a soldier who never wanted to shoot and is now a criminal attornay. Sukrim Rai was a Ghurka who knew how to use his knife and works currently as a security guard. Marcelo Vallejo was an aimer for mortar and is now a triathlon champion. The only thing they have in common is that they are veterans. But what is a veteran; a survivor, a hero, a madman? The project confronts different visions of war bringing together old enemies to tell one single story.  

MINEFIELD looks into the marks left by war, the relationship between experience and fiction and the thousand ways of representing memory. 


Lola Arias bio: http://lolaarias.com/bio

MINEFIELD was originally commissioned and co-produced by: LIFT, Royal Court Theatre, Brighton Festival Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Theaterformen, Le Quai Angers, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Maison des Arts de Créteil, Humain Trop Humain / CDN de Montpellier and Athens & Epidaurus Festival. Supported by Arts Council England, British Council and The Sackler Trust.


supported by: British Council, Embajada de la República Argentina en Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Arts Council England, The Sackler Trust.



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03-801 Warszawa
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