Dream Adoption Society is an artistic collective initiated by theatre director Krzysztof Garbaczewski. The members of the team include: music composer Jan Duszyński, designer and art director Aleksandra Wasilkowska, visual artists: Marta Nawrot, Jagoda Wójtowicz, Maciej Gniady, Mateusz Świderski, producer Wojtek Markowski and many more.


The group is focused on developing digital way of expression - virtual and augmented reality in the context of theatre and performance. It connects new technology with contemporary art using such techniques as: live scanning and implementing actors in the virtual, 3d animated environments, interactive applications for many viewers at the same time, implementing props and production design into virtual reality or using holographic characters generated in real time in augmented reality.


more information: www.dreamadoptionsociety.com




Teatr Powszechny
im. Zygmunta Hübnera
ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20
03-801 Warszawa
tickets 22 818 25 16
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