April – December 2021

Dramaturgie społeczne (Social dramaturgies) is a continuation of a cooperation between Teatr Powszechny and Fundacja Strefa WolnoSłowa (FreeWord Foundation). The idea of the project is to create artistic events through a collaboration of female and male artists with the local community - people not connected professionally to art, in various ages, and of different cultural backgrounds.


Events are planned as part of this project, within Szkoła Dramaturgów Społecznych (Social Playwrights School) - a group focused on creation and practice, for people already writing and interested in writing for involved theater, focused around the idea of social creation and using real stories of the participants of the project. The musical part will be taken care of by Sound in Space Orchestra, a space for beginners and professional musicians and all people interested in experiments with sound, musical improvisation, and learning to listen. An open group, created by Ray Dickaty will be giving shows and inviting other musicians while working on creating their own instruments.  


Within the Social dramaturgies project you can also join Międzypokoleniowy Chór Ruchowy (Intergenerational Movement Choir) - its actions are addressed to people +/- 50 and it connects generations through movement, gymnastics, choreography, and dance. The Choir’s program is built on movement exercises and choreographic activities that will be developed during the workshop that will take a few months to complete and will be finished with an open showcase. In its work,  IMC uses dance and gymnastics modules accustomed to the current physical abilities of its participants.


From April to December 2021, all events of this project will be accompanied by a program of meetings and workshops focused on ecology and society - Ogród Powszechny (Powszechny’s Garden) which will also organise events for children.


Due to the restrictions during the pandemic, some of the events planned at the beginning of this project will happen online.






Fundacja Strefa WolnoSłowa (FreeWord Foundation)


The project will be created thanks to financial support from the capital city of Warsaw.





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