where to buy?

You may buy tickets via our on-line system. That’s the quickest option:


We encourage you also to use the box office in our theatre.


As for additional options, you may also buy tickets on the Internet and sales points: e-bilet.pl, kicket.com



ticket prices


scena duża / major stage



Mein Kampf


Orlando. Biography


Ronia, the Robber's Daughter

The Bacchae

The Curse

The Divine Comedy

The Peasants

___70 zł regular ticket
___50 zł reduced ticket 


Capri - the Island of Fugitives

___120 zł regular ticket
___80 zł reduced ticket

___50 zł standing ticket



scena mała / minor stage


Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

How to save the world on a small stage?

Kuroń. Passion according to St. Jack


Radio Mariia


___70 zł regular ticket
___50 zł reduced ticket





on-line tickets sale regulation

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standing tickets

standing ticket price – 30 zł.

Standing tickets become available for sale 30 minutes before the beginning of the play.
Standing tickets can only be purchased in cash.
The number of standing tickets is limited.


Standing tickets for The Curse is not available.


reduced tickets
Reduced ticket can only be bought by students (under 26 years of age), pupils, senior citizens, pensioners, and people on employment benefits.

Once a reduced ticket is purchased, its holder must present a document which confirms the relevant discount prior to entering the theatre’s auditorium.

A person with discount confirmation may buy one reduced ticket.



ticket return  

Once tickets have been purchased, they may be returned no later than the date preceding the scheduled date of play. It is necessary to present the receipt to return the ticket.

Tickets may only be returned at the theatre’s ticket office.

There shall be no reimbursement for unused tickets.

audience service

22 818 48 19



opening hours:
mon-fri 9:00-16:00



box office

22 818 25 16



opening hours:
tue–fri 12.00–18.00

or until the beginning of the last play


saturdays, sundays and public holidays 14.00–18.00

or until the beginning of the last play


box office break:




bank account number

Bank Pekao S.A. 

85 1240 6247 1111 0000 4977 1880

Wire transfers must be arranged beforehand during reservation with the Theatre’s box office.

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