Face to Faith: OPEN CALL for proposals

“At the core of faith there is always a greater narrative that places us in the universe.”

Face to Faith is an international cooperation project aiming to understand the diverse meanings of faith in European societies. 7 project partners – international theatres and festivals from the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Poland and Ukraine – will investigate “faith” through conferences and performance arts productions.

We now invite all interested artists from all backgrounds to propose new project ideas related to the topic of faith.

The Face to Faith project involves producing 7 new performance productions, with each of the 7 project partners managing one of the productions. After the premiere held by the producing partner organisation, the project will tour each production in at least one other Face to Faith partner city. The productions will premier between October 2021 and September 2022. Further information about the schedules is presented below.



The Face to Faith project is co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme.



What do we offer?
Face to Faith is an international arena, a fascinating network and a reliable production platform. The project will provide each production with a production budget. Please indicate your needs and propose a budget using an application form (see below).

Equality & Diversity
The questions of equality, diversity and anti-racism are a fixed part of our curatorial process. We particularly encourage artists with diverse and marginalised backgrounds to submit their proposals to us!

Submitting a proposal
The proposal deadline is: 14 March 2021 (midnight CET time).
Please carefully read the general announcement on this page and make sure that your proposal fits the idea and conditions of the Face to Faith project.

Submit an application to one of the 7 Face to Faith partners using an electronic form. Links to the electronic application forms can be found in each organisation’s announcement.

Follow the links below to read the specific announcements of the partner organisations regarding thematic focuses and organisation-specific conditions and schedules for your production:

➤ ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Finland)
➤ Divadlo pod Palmovkou (Czech Republic)
➤ Gesher Theater (Israel)
➤ Jam Factory Art Center (Ukraine)
➤ Sommerblut Kulturfestival eV ( Germany)
➤ Teatro dei Venti (Italy)
➤ Teatr Powszechny

Project proposals should correspond to the specific needs and priorities described by the organisation you submit your application to.

See our Q&A to find answers to commonly asked questions.

Selection process
Each partner organisation will carry out a pre-selection process. The final selection of the 7 Face to Faith productions will be made by a curatorial team formed by the curators of the partner organisations.
We aim to inform all the applicants about the results by the end of May 2021.

Background of the project

At the core of faith, there is always a greater narrative that places us in the universe. In nearly all regions of the world, people have developed their own cultures of faith. However, these differ greatly in their content and forms of expression.

Whether as an organized religion or a shared inner conviction, faith can develop integrative power and promote the identity of groups. It can break down boundaries and shackles, offer comfort and give meaning to life.

 At the same time, beliefs can exclude or separate people from one another. They can radicalize people to such an extent that they only accept their own faith and fight against all others. The history of faith also includes strict rejection in the form of atheistic worldviews. And the more pluralistic our societies become, the more diversely and creatively people live and act according to their own faith.

Whatever the case, one thing seems clear: our faith tells us who we are, who we were, and who we want to be.






OPEN CALL Teatr Powszechny | Warsaw, Poland



Teatr Powszechny is a repertoire city theatre established over seventy years ago. Since 2016 the slogan “Theatre that gets in a way” has defined its programme and mission as a public cultural institution. We promote diversity, social involvement, and civic commitment that enables discussions around controversial issues. Besides producing theatre performances by renown directors and young emerging artists from Poland and abroad, we organize and lead numerous cultural and educational activities, collaborate with experts and artists from various disciplines, cultural and academic institutions, as well as informal social groups.


In Poland faith is almost exclusively associated with Catholicism and in recent years has been monopolised by the institution of the Catholic Church and conservative movements. "Pole-Catholic" is a historical term currently used in a public discourse mainly by nationalists and representatives of the Catholic Church as the only definition of Polishness. This inevitably excludes all those who for various reasons do not fit into it. Community and identity are being built on division and exclusion. This can be also applied to other countries. What could be our response?



We encourage applicants to consider social context, areas of conflict and politics in their performance proposals. We are particularly interested in projects investigating Polish issues while taking into account the global context.



We are looking forward to receiving proposals which include one or more of the following topics:

– Global conservatism and re-emerging fundamentalism, and their local repercussions

– The New Dark Age and contemporary crusades versus alternative ways of building identity and social bonds

– Resistance strategies against authoritarian and patriarchal oppression inherent in the Church and religious institutions

– Killing in the name of faith: from hate speech, harassment, intimidation of opponents to political power games, armed conflicts and wars

– Individual faith versus imposed nationalised religion



Teatr Powszechny offers the following:

– Support and facilities of repertoire theatre including technical staff, equipment, publicity etc.

– Rehearsal space and performing space (Small Stage)

– Production and stage management of the performances and international tours

– 3-4 actors and actresses from Teatr Powszechny’s ensemble

– Connection with local artists, activists, journalists, researchers and academic experts

– Accommodation



*Performance could be staged in another location than our Small Stage

*Rehearsals up to 2 months within the period between September and December 2021

*Premiere: November or December 2021

For more information please contact Karolina Kapralska at: k.kapralska@powszechny.com






Teatr Powszechny
im. Zygmunta Hübnera
ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20
03-801 Warszawa
tickets 22 818 25 16
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