PROSPERO – Extended Theatre

The ten partners involved in the multi-annual project of cultural cooperation PROSPERO – Extended Theatre want to undertake an artistic and cultural act, and to promote an ambitious theater project which is also a political gesture, thus contributing to the construction of an artistic and cultural Europe.
PROSPERO – Extended Theatre gathers 10 partners – 9 theaters and one medium (ARTE), from 9 countries of the Union:

➤ Théâtre de Liège (project leader – Belgium)
 Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Modena – Italy)
 São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisboa - Portugal)
 Göteborgs Stadsteater (Göteborg – Sverige)
 Hrvatsko Narodno kazalište u Zagrebu (Zagreb – Hrvatska)
 Teatros del Canal (Comunidad de Madrid – España)
 Schaubühne Berlin (Deutschland)
 Powszechny Theater (Warsaw – Poland)
 Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe (Paris – France)
The project has three main goals:
– To imagine other principles, other developments for a more inclusive, more diversified European theater creation, more connected to current societal issues;
– Broaden the dissemination of theatrical works, in theaters and on the digital space, to reach new audiences;
– Rethink the theatrical journey of audiences, from the initial discovery to the aftermath of the performance.

In this context of repeated crises that challenge Europe to convince its citizens, the partners intend to show that art and culture are a powerful force capable of stimulating creativity, exchange and cohesion. They believe that theater, in particular, remains an essential forum for dialogue, capable of creating real, direct human encounters and stimulating our critical faculties. Through their work, they wish to participate in the artistic and cultural development of Europe.
Thanks to the support of the Creative Europe program, the partners, strengthened by their visibility at the European level and their openness to other continents, are able to pursue their research on the issues of theater, media and creation, more particularly their evolution and modernization.

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