Powszechny Theatre is cancelling the trip of 'Imagine' to Moscow for the Golden Mask Festival


We would like to inform that Powszechny Theatre is cancelling the trip of Krystian Lupa's play 'Imagine' to Moscow for the Golden Mask Festival.

Official statement of Krystian Lupa:


22:25, 26.02.2022


There are no words to describe what Putin's Russia did three days ago. It is not only an unparalleled rape on Ukraine, it is rape on every person on this planet that has trust and faith in humanity. The most disgusting rape on people is happening again. By resigning from our planned journey with 'Imagine', a show that is being prepared in Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw, to The Golden Mask Festival in Moscow, I realize how insignificant this protest is, yet I hope that there will be thousands, maybe millions of protests like that. I am also asking Russian artists to be brave and have a conscious, radical disagreement for the crime the leader of your homeland is dragging you into.


Krystian Lupa




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