International project FACE TO FAITH

The international project FACE TO FAITH will last until 2023 and it is being co-organized by Teatr Powszechny and six other theaters and festivals: ANTI Contemporary Art Festival (Finland), Divadlo pod Palmovkou (Czech Republic), Gesher Theater (Israel), Jam Factory Art Center (Ukraine), Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V. (Germany) - the coordinator of the project, and Teatro dei Venti (Italy). FACE TO FAITH is a two-year project devoted to the idea of faith in modern society. It is being organized as a part of the European Union’s “Kreatywna Europa” (Creative Europe) program.




The theatrical project FACE TO FAITH takes up the topic of the crucial role of faith in modern society. Seven institutions from Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Poland, and Ukraine will create theatrical projects and conferences. We want to ask questions about faith as a part of the creation of identity and political contexts, and also as an element binding or separating society. To do so we will invite artists, experts, and researchers to open up new perspectives, tell unknown stories, and discover unresolved conflicts.


A part of the project will be an international open call,  targeted to directors, art collectives, and performers that will create their exceptional and original ideas within FACE TO FAITH. Each of these cultural institutions taking part in the project will produce one show that will be created in dialogue with the local audience and it will refer to the cultural context of the country. After the premieres in Cologne, Kuopio, Lviv, Modena, Prague, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw the shows will tour other cities. The showings will be accompanied by three conferences and additional events taking up the topic of faith and its meaning for society.



The project is co-funded with the resources of the European Union’s “Kreatywna Europa” (Creative Europe) program.










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