Culture without barriers

The “POWSZECHNY Theater” project has received a grant in the “Culture without barriers” project which will be realised during the 2022/2023 theatrical season. Its purpose is to increase the availability of the cultural and educational offer of the Theater, especially for people with sight and hearing disabilities.


The tasks we will be carrying out include: presenting shows with audio description and translation into sign language, educational classes in the accessibility of culture for people with disabilities, and installation of inductive loops in the Big Stage auditorium and at the ticket office. We will also organize workshops for the employees of the Theater that will improve their competences in cooperation with people with disabilities.


The “Culture without barriers” project is realized by the Państwowy Fundusz Rehabilitacji Osób Niepełnosprawnych (PFRON) (The National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled) within the 4.3 Wiedza Edukacja Rozwój 2014-2020 (Knowledge Education Development) Operational Project.




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