Atlas of Transitions Festival at Powszechny Theatre


In late October and early November 2019, Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw will host the Atlas of Transitions Festival. The program of the festival comprises a variety of theatrical performances, workshops, lectures, and meetings of curators from a number of European theatres partnered in the international project „Atlas of Transitions. New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe”. The guiding idea of the festival and of the productions presented within it is the development of a social reserve of knowledge and awareness on migration as well as advocacy for intercultural dialogue and a tighter collaboration among European cultural institutions.


The following performances will be presented at Teatr Powszechny:

– „Lawrence of Arabia”, dir. Weronika Szczawińska (24.10 with subtitles in Ukrainian and 26.10 with English subtitles),
– „Damascus 2045”, dir. Omar Abusaada (27.10 with subtitles in Ukrainian and 29.10 with English subtitles),
– „Turn on the boiler, so at least warm water waits for me”, dir. Alicja Borkowska (30.10 and 31.10),
– „Hierarchy of needs”, dir. Mattias Andersson (03.11) – a guest performance by the Swedish Backa Teater from Göteborg, at the invitation of Teatr Powszechny, presented at Teatr Nowy in Warsaw (Madalińskiego Street 10/16).


Moreover, on 5 November on Teatr Powszechny’s Scena Mała stage, two episodes of the documentary film series „Saga” („Walking” and „Staying here”) by the collective ZimmerFrei will be screened. Founded in 2000 in Bologna by Anna de Manincor, Massimo Carozzi and Anna Rispoli, the collective mixes languages and art forms in its works – from documentaries to video art. It creates sound installations, photo sessions, performances, workshops and public art.


The festival is organized as part of the international project „Atlas of Transitions. New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe”. The project relies on a long-term collaboration of European cultural and educational institutions (2017–2020). It employs innovative methods at the intersection of artistic, social and research activities. Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw along with the Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation and University of Warsaw’s Centre for Migration Research are the Polish partners of the project. International partners from Italy, France, Sweden, Albania, Belgium and Egypt are: ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Cantieri Meticci, Skampa International Theatre Festival, Backa Teater, Motus Terrae, Tjeter Vizion, Théâtre de Liège, Le Channel scène nationale de Calais and Studio Emad Eddin.




Festival is a part of the project Atlas of Transitions. New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe.


Project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 









Teatr Powszechny
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03-801 Warszawa
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