7 shows within international cooperation – Face to Faith project

Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw with other international partners has completed the process of selecting ideas for new spectacles within the Face to Faith project. This international project will produce 7 shows in the years 2021-2022 with each spectacle being the responsibility of each partner institution: Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw, Teatro dei Venti in Modena, ANTI Contemporary Art Festival in Finnish Kuopio, Divadlo pod Palmovkou in Prague, Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V. in Cologne, Gesher Theater in Tel Aviv, and Jam Factory Art Center in Lviv.





Applications submitted to Teatr Powszechny were considered by a commission created from the community of people around the theater and its employees: Alicja Borkowska (a director, an animator, and a social activist from Fundacja Strefa WolnoSłowa – FreeWord Zone Foundation), Natalia Grzędzińska (Teatr Powszechny’s specialist regarding education), Zuzanna Hertzberg (a visual artists, an activist, involved in works on Forum Przyszłości Kultury - Forum of Culture’s Future), Pavlo Luhovyi (a  journalist and an actor connected with “Krytyka Polityczna” (Political Critique) and Strefa WolnoSłowa), Paweł Łysak (the director of Teatr Powszechny) and Paweł Sztarbowski (the deputy director of Teatr Powszechny).


In pre-selections, out of 53 applications (including ones from Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Macedonia, Sweden, Spain, Iceland, and the USA), the Polish commission has chosen 3 proposals that will go to the final stage:
1. Antonis Liveropoulos (Greece) – "Antonis L., a body of faith".
2. Roza Sarkisian (Ukraine) – "Radio Mariia".
3. Gabriel Sandu and Elena Morar (Romania) – "Who called the fascists to our theatre?".


At the end of April, all artistic concepts sent to the 7 partners (over 400 applications!) were discussed in a two-day conference of the curators. An international commission has made its choice of 7 proposals that will be produced as spectacles and performative events between October 2021 and September 2022. After the premieres, each show will be presented in at least one partner city.


Productions selected in each institution:

➤➤➤ Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw: Roza Sarkisian – „Radio Mariia”

➤➤➤ Teatro dei Venti (Italy): Associazione Culturale SIDERA

➤➤➤ ANTI Festival (Finland): Kaino Wennerstrand

➤➤➤ Divadlo pod Palmovkou (Czech Republic): Alin Neguţoiu

➤➤➤ Sommerblut Kulturfestival (Germany): Aleksandra Jakubczak and Elena Morar

➤➤➤ Gesher Theater (Israel): Neta Weiner

➤➤➤ Jam Factory Art Center (Ukraine): Dmytro Levytskyi.


The Face to Faith project is co-funded with the resources of the European Union’s “Kreatywna Europa” (Creative Europe) program.








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