The State of Emergency
17 September 2015
scena mała


director - Dorota Ogrodzka
dramaturg - Justyna Lipko-Konieczna
choreographer - Justyna Wielgus
set designer - Aleksandar Ćirlić
music - Sebastian Świąder
new media - Mikołaj Szymkowiak
team:  Anastazja Beda, Rafał Bilicki, Agnieszka Branicka, Iga Ćwik, Ewa Doan, Wiktoria Drożdżewicz, Dominik Gańko, Marta Fidura, Małgorzata Karczewska, Kalina Kibalska, Anna Kozłowska, Anna Koźlińska, Agata Łaziuk, Łukasz Moskwiak, Paulina Niedziółka, Marta Ociesa, Melania Pol, Karolina Sosińska, Stanisław Stypuła, Helena Urbańska, Emilia Wójcik

Is poverty an emergency? Who and why is interested in maintaining inequality in the world, in our country, our city? What is charity and why do we feel better when we are a part of it?


We are highly suspicious when looking at the pictures which are supposed to evoke compassion. We wonder what is the difference between superiority and empathy, pity and comradeship. We observe in particular the things which surround us: our housing estates, schools, families, which, like a mantra, voice encouragement for creativity, the selection of good universities, and finding an appropriate work that will enable each and every one of us to become a decent person, gather more wealth than our fathers, and become a useful individual. No society needs waste.


The State of Emergency is a product of an artistic, multi-layered process. By encouraging young people to deal with the issue of poverty, social inequality, and economic exclusion, we open in front of them all fields of theatrical activities at once. As part of theatrical and dramatic laboratory, we attempt to create a framework of collective performance, provoke the youth to think critically, and experiment with the various elements of language used in the theatre that we suggest.


TUMULT! Theatre at Museum is a project of the Jewish Historical Institute Association co-operated by POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Z. Hübner Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, and the Theatre Corporation.

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Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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Teatr Powszechny
im. Zygmunta Hübnera
ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20
03-801 Warszawa
tickets 22 818 25 16
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