Hierarchy of needs
Mattias Andersson
2 March 2019
running time
100 min
scena duża



director – Mattias Andersson
text – Adel Darwish
dramaturge – Stefan Åkesson
set design – Maja Kall
choreography – Denny Hultén/Twisted Feet
costumes – Helena Arvidsson
music – Kristina Issa, Jonas Redig
sound – Jonas Redig
lighting and video – Tomas Fredriksson
make up – Josefin Ekerås
director's assistant – Felicia Stjärnsand
cast – Adel Darwish, Rasmus Lindgren, Josefin Neldén, Ramtin Parvaneh
dancers – Marcel Gomes, Aleksandra Jovic
additional cast – Nermin Asheti, Ali Ktit, Yafet Melake, Alieksander Okbatsion, Iman Rasho
cast in video – Obay Alskoja, Milad Alsahwy, Ahmad Katrib, Lugen Skouzam, Diana Tayara, Noorvan Bourhan, George Eid


Which needs are universal? And which are relative?

About one year ago, the director Mattias Andersson received a dramatic text from Adel Darwish. The text was direct, poetic and bewildering. Written in the midst of a chaotic present featured by war, frontiers and borders between people. From that text, Mattias Andersson creates a visual, musical and choreographical performance piece, modulated with the attitudes, feelings and conflicts of our mutual present.

Adel Darwish is an actor who came to Sweden from Syria Aleppo three years ago. The text has written shifts from reality to fantasy in three different time dimensions. What has happened and what will happen? Who is alive, who is dead? Is present and past always attendant in the future. Which needs are relative and which are universal?

In the performance we see – apart from Adel Darwish himself – three actors from Backa Teater, two professional dancers and five young people who used to live somewhere else but now live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The choreography is developed in collaboration with Twisted Feet.



3 November 2019 – show in Nowy Theatre in Warsaw (Madalińskiego Street 10/16).




Performance in the project Atlas of Transitions. New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe.


Project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 





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