The Gods
Alicja Borkowska
23 June 2018
scena duża
not in repertoire



director - Alicja Borkowska

script - Przemysław Pilarski
script collaboration - Tomasz Gromadka
choreographers - Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Katarzyna Stefanowicz
actors training - Dorota Papis
music - Ray Dickaty and participants in music workshops
visuals - Maria Porzyc and participants in visual workshops
producers - Magdalena Duszyńska-Łysak, Weronika Chinowska


Human beings live in an imagined order. Most aspects of social life rely on beliefs in de facto nonexistent entities; we base our decisions on a certain vision of the future, quite often including uncertain assumptions (mortgages with a 20-year payment plan). It is the belief in the imagined that most distinguishes humans from other animals, helping to create narratives that elevated man to rule over other creatures.

In a multicultural group of performers- amateurs and artists, we will take on the theme of faith as a force ordering our life. We will reflect on our belief in a free market, universal justice, a world without borders, sustainable development, whether Poland being the Christ of nations influences our everyday choices and functioning in the world. The project will refer to experiences of the participants- their perception of postcolonial relations or respective religions. Confronting our beliefs with accompanying prejudices, stereotypes and weaknesses we will attempt to reflect on what separates human beings from animals.


The performance is the third part of the trilogy Animals-Men-Gods organized by FreeWord Sphere, concluding several months of theatre, dance, musical and visual workshops reuniting Poles, migrants and refugees. 


free entry – reservations from June 4 at:



Performance is organized in range f the project Beyond Theater, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Comission.


Teatr Powszechny
im. Zygmunta Hübnera
ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20
03-801 Warszawa
tickets 22 818 25 16
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