Julius Caesar, directed by Barbara Wysocka, with english subtitles!


On Sunday, January 15th, at 7 pm, Powszechny Theatre offers a great opportunity for non-Polish speakers to watch Julius Caesar, based on a play by William Shakespeare, directed by Barbara Wysocka, with english subtitles!



Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare


director: Barbara Wyscoka

dramaturgy: Tomasz Śpiewak

scenography: Barbara Hanicka

costume designer: Julia Kornacka

lighting: Artur Sienicki


cast: Anna Moskal, Barbara Wysocka, Arkadiusz Brykalski, Michał Czachor, Grzegorz Falkowski, Michał Jarmicki, Mateusz Łasowski


Political conspiracy, the assassination, of a dictator, civil war - while reaching for the history of Julius Caesars murder and describing the consequences of that event, Shakespeare also was also writing about a conflicted England on the brink of civil war and a society condemned by catastrophe.


Barbara Wysockas spectacle is a representation of a modern day, realistic politics, created by uncompromising politicians hungry for power, but unprepared for the responsibility that comes along with it. It also shows us this from society's point of view, which serves as a hostage of the political revolution and is easily manipulated with the help of crafted arguments and distributed public finances. It is a political vision where the basic source of fuel is the corpse of a ruler, above which the words Freedom, Honor, and Homeland are uttered so long until finally they turn into a haunting political cliche.


Barbara Wysocka is an actress and director of both theatre and opera recognized not only in Poland, but also abroad. She was recently awarded best actress at the Staging of Former Works of Polish Literature Competition for her role as Idalia in Michał Zadaras Fantazy. She is also co-founder of the art group known as CENTRALA.

premiere: 23.01.2016

running time: 115 mins


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