Powszechny Theater was the first theatre opened after WWII in Warsaw. For nearly seventy years it has been a place of artistic discussion about the modern world while simultaneously it has continued the legacy of the prominent people of Polish theatre. The Theatre offers a diverse repertoire, concentrates on the most interesting Polish and international drama - classical and contemporary. This is a place of staging plays by renowned directors as well as interesting representatives of the young generation of artists. It’s very important that Powszechny regularly organizes and leads educational spectacles and workshops for children, students and teachers. Engages people from various age groups to the educational activities and involves local community to participate in the culture. Moreover cooperates with community organizations, foundations, research centers, organizers of festivals and congresses.



Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw 2014-2018 - résumé: www.powszechny.com/2014-2018


Teatr Powszechny
im. Zygmunta Hübnera
ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20
03-801 Warszawa
tickets 22 818 25 16
22 818 48 19